This LED strip is powered by high-quality Epistar SMD3528 LED chips which generate a brightness of 1500Lm/m.

At 240 LEDs per metre, this strip is able to eliminate shadows and create a continuous beam of light, which is improved further via our linear profiles. As such, 240 LED strips are also known as Spotless strips, ideal for anyone looking for a smooth, modern aesthetic. 

Single colour LED Strip 240led per meter 5meter reel

SKU: EFX-240IP2024v3528
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  • Please do NOT connect more than 5 meters of a LED strip in series.

    A LED strip of more than 5 meters in length is overloaded due to the increased amount of current passing through, resulting in the damage of the PCB and the failure of the LED strip. Thus, when 5 meters of the LED strip is exceeded, it is suggested to connect the strip directly to the LED controller or driver using a 2-core cable.

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