LED lens light bar Suitable for 4-18cm light boxes, indoor and outdoor display light sources.

12PCS High brightness 2835 LED with Lens for 170 degree light beam angle.

Adopt international leading TV backlight technology
High bright 2835 LED as light source, the secondary light distribution
Optical lens of 170°,wide angles ,uniform illumination without yellow spot
RA80,excellent color reducibility
Single LED can be  cuttable,applicable for all different sizes of light box

LED Back light strip for light box

IP Rating
LED Type
  • Please do NOT connect more than 5 meters of a LED strip in series.

    A LED strip of more than 5 meters in length is overloaded due to the increased amount of current passing through, resulting in the damage of the PCB and the failure of the LED strip. Thus, when 5 meters of the LED strip is exceeded, it is suggested to connect the strip directly to the LED controller or driver using a 2-core cable.

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