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The Botanist is a wonderful place to eat and socialise with friends and colleagues, a very busy bar in the heart of Sloane Square London. When talking to our client we soon realised that automating the lighting to change throughout the day to showcase the Botanist to it's best would be the perfect way to go. From breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening mood's, the lighting is monitored and then changed to provide the perfect atmosphere and setting, even automating the lighting to come on full when the cleaners arrive was put in place. The Botanist managers still have the ability to over ride the fixed lighting but we and the Botanist managers feel that when they are busy this can sometimes be overlooked or even forgotten. Their customers are key, taking this headache away of adjusting the lighting throughout the day allows the staff to concentrate on serving the customers and giving a great service, the customers are able to enjoy their friends, colleagues, and meet new people in a perfectly lit environment. The Botanist is a very forward thinking company, a credit to their success.

Botanist Dining
Botanist restaurant
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Botanist Bar
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