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Hi Everyone,


We hope the lock down is treating you all well.

We were sent this clip on Facebook so we thought we would share it with you. This makes the masks that we sent you fit better and so provide more protection.

Keep safe.

Receiving product from us and our Manufacturing process;


All Lighting boards are now made outside. The weather is glorious.

Panels are being made smaller if possible so that an individuals can manage the panel alone

Gloves and masks are worn at all times, This has always been the case.

We have rubbing alcohol that we wipe on all  panels prior to moving them

Once on the work bench a second use of rubbing alcohol is applied all over the board on both sides.

We prime the boards which also evaporates and cleanses

LED is fixed as per the project specification and cured to the panel.

The wire passes through bleach soaked sponges to make sure this is also sanitised, These are then wired up and boards are tested,

We then bubble wrap all boards ready for transit. To keep them protected and sanitised.

Working requirements due to COVID 19

These are guild lines and may not apply to all projects as each project needs to be assessed


With everything going on at the moment we all need to do our bit to keep the country moving.

We understand that we must keep the economy going and work when safe to do so.

At the moment areas need to be free from other trades- workers.

We are stating that our area has to have at least a 3 meter boundary past our work area, which we would ask to be created if not we will create and state that no one must enter that area while we are installing, we are adhering to the rules and will show the same courtesy to others. The 2 meter distance rule must be adhered to at all times, by the clients work force and our selves, if we need to speak about the install, all questions need to be sent to us via Email so that we can answer everything before we attend, extra drawings will need to be supplied to each person so that we can keep the 2 meter rule if we are needed to answer questions while doing the install.

The 2 meter rule must also included staircase access to the job location.

Lifts and public transport will not to be used at all and that only driving to projects is permitted, this is to allow key workers to get to work safely on public transport and to protect them and us. We will travel alone in each vehicle. Any project requiring more than two people to do the install cannot be done until the government say so.

If we are working in a single area which is not a main traffic area, the project is not to big and our barriers are respected, we can adhere to the government rules and so do the install for you. If these are breached we will have to leave site and a charge for the day will be payable.

Lets help the economy together.



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