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Hallway design

Whilst many people aspire to having state-of-the-art technology in their homes, few want to see it. At Enlightened FX we use a unique and high-class range of products that resolve this issue. We ensure that all technological elements are completely integrated within the fabric of a room like never before. Unobtrusive to the eye, yet fully effective and easy to operate.


We believe that technology should stay out of sight, but not out of mind. At Enlightened FX installations we can make sure that projectors and televisions go from being seamlessly concealed to wonderfully revealed for maximum effect. We will combine functionality, quality engineering and aesthetic appeal to produce installations that will look amazing in every environment.


Put simply; our aim is to give you innovative solutions to discreetly integrate technology with the interior of your space. We understand the secrets of hiding technology, so we can give you your living space back.


Give us a call to discuss our ideas on how we can transform your space for you!

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