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Stretch Ceilings & Walls

Design & Installation

We have been providing lighting solutions for over 30 years and we are no stranger to stretch ceilings.  We can provide you with a whole spectre of colours and a range of designs or even your own company logo or picture.  Every membrane is designed and tailor made just for your project.

Our products rival all the top brands whilst providing a competitive edge.  We also provide lighting to back light our stretch ceilings and have even providing lighting solutions to some of our competitors and rectify errors when needed.

We have provided lighting solutions for Architects, Interior Designers, Building Developers and private clients to Windsor Castle. We work only in energy efficient LED lighting and have an extensive knowledge of how to control this to provide an even spread of light and completely flicker free in every situation.  We pride ourselves on future proofing all of our installations.

We can provide you with a concept, design and full installation to commercial, leisure and residential properties.

If you are a stretch membrane company and want us to provide lighting to your own projects, we have the expertise to back light  with the latest LED technology in any colour and with full lighting controls often working under your umbrella. 

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