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Swimming pool
Clip art of house

Client's home

The Chantry, Borehamwood

Stretch ceiling
Swimming pool art work and stretch ceiling lighting. The Chantry, Borehamwood.
A matt white stretched ceiling with a pin line that traced out the pools perimeter was installed with the lighting being able to create any colour of the spectrum, also a cool white LED was included to produce that crisp modern look, this was linked and controlled via the Lutron Homeworks system as well as Savant.
We then had the privilege of designing, producing and installing a bespoke designer light fixture in our clients home, when asked can we come up with a solution to illuminate a large piece of Alex Turco Art, we knew we had to create something special. After preparing CAD drawings and presenting the client with images of what we proposed, we got the go ahead.
We manufactured the framing for the artwork from weather graded aluminium so as to cope with the chlorine in the pool room  and took a sample of the full wall tile colour to get an exact colour match, this allowed us to get the framing powder coated, allowing the framing to disappear and the Art work to appear to float on the wall. Our design allowed a 150mm shadow gap around the art which set it off perfectly, We decided to back light the art, however because the art was of Jelly Fish we commissioned the lighting in a way that allowed us to control every led strip, we provided extra Lutron Homeworks QS products and programmed the lighting so that it imitated the sun rays breaking through the water.
Barrisol ceiling
Bepoke products
Alex Turco Art
Light wall
LED ligting
Chantry Borehamwood
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