An independent nightclub operator wanted to open a large scale nightclub project in a vacant theatre. The install would include a large super club main room, Ice Bar, VIP Mezzanine. When presented with the project we worked closely with some of the heads of Evoke to come up with a lighting concept together. The end result was a 3d ceiling capable of moving in all 3 axis, 2 large high resolution video walls and 2 huge 26metre by 3 metre video wall suspended either side of the venue with a gentle twists. Every light in the venue was controlled including the beer pump tap lights. When the light jokey demanded a blackout on a breakdown in the music it delivered. The lighting system was controlled via ShowCAD Artist which was seamlessly linked to a Green Hippo video controller. We programmed this so that when the light jokey hit a red light we changed the video on the screen to red, we created this throughout the lighting control, even strobing the video playback when the strobe light was hit. The finished article was seamless integration to Lighting, Video and Music.

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