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Museum lighting
fitzwilliam museum
rainbow fitzwilliam museum

The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge holds some of most iconic pieces of art and Sculptures. When asked to provide a lighting concept to show off some priceless art we had to keep in mind what we were illuminating. The room originally had skylights that let in natural light which brought the room to life, however the paintings could not be subject to the sun as this would damage and bleach the art. The sky lights where such a beautiful part of the room that we decided to remove the glass skylights and replace them with a double skin metal cover to make sure no natural light could penetrate the room. We then got to work recreating the sky lights, with a translucent stretch ceiling and a LED lighting system to imitate the time of day, we brought back the warmth of the room. We had to provide hatches to allow access to the lighting control equipment and also the humidity control equipment. This was installed to look after those amazing piece of art. An enjoyable project that allowed us to give people the pleasure of seeing the art in a wonderfully lit space and to extend the life of the art, saving a little piece of history. We would highly recommend a visit to the Museum.

Fitzwilliam Museum lighting
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