Client's home

Grimsdyke House, Elstree

This stunning pool room is in the basement area of this beautiful home, when asked to create the lighting design we created light panels that simulated skylights with Natural Led lighting, these detailed the perimeter of the pool, Natural light is always best so we incorporated two Lantern skylights, these were level with the ground floor and electronically frosted glass was fitted to give privacy yet when needed the glass could be triggered to allow the glass to be clear so that when swimming the clouds or even stars can be seen through them. A discrete pin-line of LED light perimeted the skylights to highlight them perfectly All the lighting is dim-able and controlled via the in-house lighting control system. Bespoke pencil lights where fitted and are perfectly flush with the ceiling, as is the Hot tub lighting and Sauna. Audio sound system and projector screen fall from the back wall so that the client can watch their favourite film or even stream the perfect beach scene onto the wall. Creating the perfect enviroment, yet being under ground