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Client's home

Ziggurat Apartment, Clerkenwell

A beautiful high end apartment, in Clerkenwell, London. The interior designer wanted to keep the rustic concrete ceiling and asked us to create a bespoke lighting fixture to compliment the room. The ceiling had a concrete beam running through it, by a pair of sliding patio doors that led out to the balcony. So we create a concrete light beam that came off of this at 90 degrees and then branched over the top of the kitchen units. We colour matched the concrete and had the beam powder coated, the underneath of the beam was rendered in concrete to mimic the ceiling. We then controlled the beam via a philips dynalite control system to allow the beam to dim up and down, or to illuminate either side of the beam and even colour change to any colour of the spectrum, The light beam blended perfectly into the room and design and when off, it simple looked like the other concrete beam.

Clerkenwell Apartment 5.jpg
Clerkenwell Apartment 3.jpg
Clerkenwell Apartment 2.jpg
Clerkenwell Apartment 1.jpg
Clerkenwell Apartment 4.jpg
Clerkenwell Apartment 6.jpg
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