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LED Lighting Raft with extractor
Bespoke LED light
Custom made light for kitchen
kitchen plans
Kitchen worktop
Clip art of house

Client's home

North Fambridge

lighting for Kitchen
Bespoke kitchen Island floating light feature

We were asked to provide a solution to light up our client's kitchen island, however 3 meters of the island entered the conservatory, posing an issue into how we could give an even light in that area. The client was given options from other companies and was told that he would have to have wires stretched from wall to wall, where lighting could be connected to. The property is beautiful and needed something very special, so we manufactured a 9450mm hockey stick light feature, which floated over the conservatory area, providing them with this breath-taking bespoke one off. We controlled this, as well as the other lighting circuits in their home with a Philips Dynalite system allowing them to dim the lighting raft to a low glow or an amazing bright workable space. The depth of the lighting raft was a slim 120mm so no Extraction system was available off the counter so we had it fabricated into the light fitting and it became part of the hockey stick lighting raft.

Over kitchen island light
Building kitchen
Kitchen extractor fan
Suspended kitchen light
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