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The Seven Hotel, in Southend-on-Sea, is a very busy 37 room Hotel, Bar and Restaurant, overlooking Southend's seafront and the World's longest pier. When talking to our client we spoke to them about automating the lighting to showcase the hotel at it's best at all times and removing this sometimes forgotten but extremely import task from management. We decided to install a Lutron Homeworks QS system, the lighting is monitored day and night and then changed to provide the perfect settings. Corridors and bathrooms all have intelligent sensors to monitor their environment and control circuits. Bespoke luminaries from around the world were brought in, drivers and control gear in some of these luminaries had to be changed to allow the fitting to dim. Management where given an app that allowed them to change the lighting if they felt the need to do so. Special day triggers like Valentines day, Christmas, New Year, were able to be automatically introduced to allow the lighting to compliment the day.

We complimented this with a high spec Cloud Audio system, discreet painted ceiling speakers to seamlessly blend into the ceiling, each area was zoned and volume controls placed in bespoke furniture to allow management and staff to control their own environment, the choice of music could be chosen or simply enjoy the same relaxing music throughout. The conference room was given the facilities of enjoying the hotels music or allow their customers to plug into the system via any media source and allow crystal clear sound to enhance their presentations and meetings.

At the Seven Hotel customers are able to enjoy their friends, colleagues, and meet new people in a perfectly lit, calm environment, over looking the tranquil Thames estuary. It has been reported that it feels like your on holiday.

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Large hotel bedroom
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