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LED Ceiling
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Smoke & Mirrors is a full-service, post production company. They transform powerful ideas into visual reality for the advertising, film and music industries. When asked to provide a lighting system that could provide a clean crisp bespoke look and give a wow factor as clients enter the room, yet allow clients to view the screen when it come to showing them their production, and light refection on the viewing screen, being a big No No.

We did what everyone else wouldn't have done, we made the whole ceiling the light source, Crazy. We then however controlled the lighting. We were able to fade every section of LED, and created gentle lighting fades over the ceiling. This control allowed us to create a huge amount of lighting settings.

We then took the Wow factor up a level, by doing these fades like video wipes. Once the client had seen their production the editor could hit one of the many buttons and the lighting would wipe across the ceiling to their desired level. We brought the post production video effects to their ceiling lighting.

Post production lighting
Stretch ceiling lighting
White LED lighting
Edison lighting for bar
Best lihting for bar
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