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Wood Wharf

I was requested to attended wood wharf and look at the ceilings in lifts 4 & 8. I can see that no dampers have been installed and the metal plates on the ceiling door are not adequate for the magnets to hold. I explained this to Tom on site and believe that this has been sent to you. My video below goes into some detail as to what i feel needs to be done to fix the issues.

Paul Imerson and Sam Verrall,  I have purchased the dampers as requested, and now have them and can deliver when you require. I have had these bespoke made for this project to support the door, the drop length and weight. I have had the force of these charged to 1500 Newtons. I have been told by Stuart that the ceiling is approximately 42KG which works out to be 415 Newtons. However the angle of the door and the ceiling fixing point may add more pressure to the ram to support the ceiling, there is more than enough force in the rams to hold the door should it be heavier. When these struts are installed they will be to powerful, there is a hex key on the shaft that will allow the gas to be removed and so lessen the strength of the strut. this needs to be done in no more than 1 second intervals, please do not over tighten the screw and please allow the strut to be upright to prevent oil from leaking and so extend the life of the item. Both need to be done together to make sure they are even. Once done if a small amount of washing up liquid can be placed on the hex screw to make sure there is no leaking of gas, if bubbles do appear simply tighten the screw. I'm sure your team of installers know this anyway, just wanted to make sure.


The supports for the magnets need to be remade. I feel that if there is some movement in this, the magnet will be able to move with the door and give the best connection to the plate. I have explained an easy option in the video.

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